Happy Endings 2019

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We love hearing how shelter cats and dogs do in their new homes. If you have a happy ending story you'd like to share about an animal that came from the Mansfield Shelter, please e-mail the story to us at and attach a digital photo if possible.


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George home 2019

Adopted November, 2019

George has completely settled into his new home! He gets along great with Dougie and Doodle but, really enjoys his own quiet space. I am so lucky I was able to adopt him! Thank you and Happy Holidays!
-Emily Alland

Enza home 2019

Adopted August, 2019

She is doing great! We renamed her Miley and she is best buds with my other cat, Wyatt. Her surgery went off without a hitch and I’ve brought her into my vet to get up to date on her boosters. She loves to cuddle and play, and purrs nearly all the time.



Kasey home 2019

Adopted September, 2019

Kasey is doing great! There hasn’t been any problems since I brought her home, and she has settled in just fine. She is very easy going and affectionate. She has her free wellness check at the vet this Friday.

Cuddlebug home 2019

Adopted September, 2019

We have been surprised how quickly she has settled in, thanks to Carrie having worked from home the last two weeks. She loves hanging on the couch sprawled out getting her belly rubbed and has become quite vocal. The last few days she has begun playing, her favorite is chasing string. Her favorite spot seems to be the bay window and from time to time she enjoys exploring the closeted eve spaces of our upstairs rooms.  We are so much enjoying her company!
Ashley and Carrie

Ziggy Rosie home 2019

Rosie and Ziggy
Adopted August, 2019

Rosie and Ziggy are doing very well.  They have the run of the house and enjoy watching the birds & chipmunks in the yard.  Rosie has a good appetite and has put on some needed weight; Ziggy is a finicky eater.  Very happy that I adopted them together; they are a bonded pair and I could not imagine them apart. 
Thanks again

Gracie home 2019

Adopted August, 2019

Gracie is doing wonderfully! She's fitting in quite well and making herself at home. Shelby and her are making strides to get to know each other. We're definitely trying to take our time making each of them comfortable. It will definitely take time for them to become friends, I think. We are hopeful though! Gracie is such an absolute love. She loves to cuddle with both of us and kneed anything soft. She is so gentle with us.

Prianka home 2019

Adopted August, 2019

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to send a picture of our kitten Luna (previously named Prianka) We adopted her in August... She is so beautiful, loving and a very playful kitten! She is doing well in her new home with her "big" brother Tigger! Thank you for all you do!


Zander home 2019

Adopted August, 2019

Just thought I'd check in to update you on Zander.  He is doing well and is happy to be here.  He's still prone to hiding under the bed a lot, but he's found a place to sleep in bed with my mom (on the other side from Sofi).  They seem to just avoid each other most of the time.  They only hiss at each other when they don't want to share mom. Zander also likes climbing and exploring.  We're glad he's with us.
Lacey Teixeira

Miss Nugget o home 2019

Miss Nugget
Adopted August, 2019

She had an amazing night! Did great in the car and warmed up to the house quickly! We love her so much already!
Miss Nugget home 2019

Zion home 2019

Adopted August, 2019

Zion, whom we have renamed Winston is doing great. He seems to have adjusted quite quickly to his new home. He's eating well, is very playful, likes to be brushed, and loves to curl up in a nice sunny spot to nap. Winston and our other cat, Luna are also getting along great too. They love to play together and chase each other around the house.
Ashley, Colin, Winston, and Luna

Pia Giana home 2019

Pia and Giana
Adopted August, 2019
Giana Pia home 2019

Jana home 2019

Adopted July, 2019

Jana (Mittens) is doing great! We just love her so much! She’s so playful and loving and friendly and has adjusted extremely well!  Her last vet visit a week ago she was 4lbs!

Bruin home 2019

Adopted July, 2019

Bruin is doing great! He is such a perfect fit for our family and we are so grateful to have him. I swear he has doubled in size since we’ve had him. He has a healthy appetite and is very sweet and affectionate. He goes back to the vet on Thursday for his next round of vaccines.
Thank you so much for your help in making him a part of our family. He is very loved.

Ells Franzi 2019

Franzi and Els
Adopted June, 2019

Just wanted to share how fast and big their growing.
-Stephane Toussaint
Franzi Ells 2019

Zeus home 2019

Adopted August, 2019

I just wanted to let you know that Zeus, now known as Skittles, is adapting very well to his new home.  We set up a bonding room for him on Saturday when we adopted him, but by Sunday he had a run of the house.  He is super sweet and loves to snuggle and play.  He’s doing well with eating, using his litter box, and is learning to use his scratching posts.  Most importantly, he seems very happy and content, as are we!  I will keep in touch and will continue to update you on his progress.

Best regards,
Renee Siegel

Barco 2019

Adopted August, 2019

Mocha 2019


Hi.  I'm just checking in to say that today is the first anniversary of my adopting my sweet, beautiful Mocha from the shelter.  She is an absolute joy---adored by my family and loved beyond imagining by me.  I am so glad and grateful to have found her and I will always be thankful that you kept her all that time until she could find a home.  I have attached a picture of her; I think she is happy with her situation.
I will be making a donation today to show my appreciation. 

Janet Maestranzi

Odin at home 2019

Adopted June, 2019

Vivienne home 2019

Adopted June, 2019

Vivienne is adjusting well. She is shown here in her mom’s arms.

Vera home 2019

Adopted June, 2019

 Vera  is doing great and getting along with Willow.  We both just love her. Thanks for everything

Poka 2019

Adopted June, 2019

Polka is now called Erwin and he’s doing just great!  He’s active and curious and a very good eater. All of us, including the dog, love him. Our existing cat, unfortunately, is having a bit of trouble adjusting, but we’re hopeful she’ll come around. I’m trying to give her extra treats to bribe her into acceptance . We’re taking Erwin to the vet on the 24th for his checkup and next distemper shot. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him!

Spotti Dotti 2019

Spotti and Dotti
Adopted June, 2019

We have renamed them Walter and Rose. They are very cute and sweet. We love them so much. They are adjusting well. They are getting along well with our dog Libby.
- Stephanie

Cinabar home 2019

Adopted January, 2019

We adopted Cinnabar (now named Simba), about seven months ago and I just wanted to update you on how he is! Simba is finally accepting of many chin pets, he sleeps at our feet every night, and he has his own couch with his special blanket to lay on! He is doing wonderfully and we are so thankful that we found him. We love our Simba.

Lizzy home 2019

Trinity a.k.a Lizzy
Adopted May, 2019

Lizzy is prospering.  She is quite funny, loves to sit in various windows, and take her toys out of her toy box. We just have to train her to put them back. She is a very content kitty. Thank you for letting us have her.

Bauble home 2019

Adopted May, 2019

 Bauble is doing terrifically well so far. He’s really been such a joy to Kelly and I. Things with Bauble and Oreo are going very well. Bauble is a rambunctious and inquisitive little kitty. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be cat parents!


Bangle 2019

Adopted May, 2019

Bangle is doing great. He made himself right at home. He loves my dad and is very attached to him.We love Bangle and very happy we adopted him.


Vito home 2019Vito

Hi all!

Hugo (aka Vito) was one of the kittens we took home in November. He has been doing so well. He has found a new home and friend. He loves his new beagle buddy Addy, and clearly she’s pretty smitten too. They love to play, chase, and snuggle. He’s also been busy keeping watch on the neighborhood pets and birds from his perch. He’s been such a great addition, thanks so much!

Reggie home b 2019ReggieReggie home 2019
Adopted June, 2019

Reggie is now Oliver Twist or Ollie. He is doing very well. He is affectionate with Bruce and me, and gets long really well with Pip. Trixie has accepted him after initially hissing. He loves to eat. He has made himself very much at home.



Ripple 2019


I adopted Ember (previously Ripple) back in November and wanted to give you a quick update. She is the sweetest girl in the world! She loves to cuddle and purr. Her favorite toys are a shoelace, hair tie, and laser pointer. See attached for pictures.
Thank you so much,

Binx a 2019Binx b 2019

Adopted May, 2019

Binx is doing great!! Since he came home he has adjusted well and loves to sit at the window and look at the cars driving by as well as sit in the bathroom sink! I am so thankful to everyone at the shelter who made his adoption possible, we are a perfect match! 



Pooh home 2019Smokey Bandit home 2019Pooh and Smokey Bandit
Adopted March, 2019

They’re great! We love them so much! They’ve got free reign of the house, they’re eating well. Friendly, snuggly, playful and sometimes mischievous (like constantly wanting to jump on the kitchen counters...)


Joe home 2019

Adopted March, 2019

Our family just wanted to reach out and thank everyone involved with the Mansfield Animal Shelter for allowing us to adopt the new man of the house, Mr. Joe! Joe has been with us now for a little over three weeks and, as you can see from the pictures, he seems to have adjusted quite well. Our three daughters are enamored by Joe, who handles the attention beautifully.


Faith at home 2019Faith at home _2 2019

Adopted March, 2019

Faith is settling in. She is adjusting to me and sleeps at the end of my bed at night or under the covers.



ChoChoSan home 2019

Cho Cho San aka Pippi
Adopted January, 2019

Pippi is our whole world, and I though you all might enjoy a few pictures of her new life. Her favorite thing is playing fetch with her toy mouse and napping half on my leg and half on Bob's, so that neither of us can get up! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.

Hi Alex and Bob,

Kitty bed home 2019

Adopted January, 2019Kitty floor home 2019

Kitty is doing good!   She found her corner of the living room and we set her up there with a covered bed, food and a litter box.    She sleeps most of the day but enjoys when we pet her and scratch under her chin.  We have been putting wet & dry food down morning and night and up until today she was just eating at night.   She now eats some in the morning.    The 3rd night home she came out of her covered bed (see Pic) when we were up and talking in the next room.   As I passed the living room she was roaming around, froze a bit when she saw me but I let her be.   Aidan went in shortly after, found her in her bed and sat beside the bed to pet her.  She came out and crossed his lap to walk around the living room ! She really is a precious little thing and we are so happy to have her in our lives!!

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