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“ You can't change the world by adopting one animal,
but you can change the whole world for that one animal."


Adoption Process

The Adoption Process has evolved from many years of experience.  The goal of our adoption counselors is to make a good match between animal and human.  We spend time with each animal and get to know its unique temperament and needs.  Each dog or cat may not necessarily fit with every human environment.  If we know that a specific dog, for example, has large amounts of energy and needs lots of space to run, we would not be inclined to adopt him out to a person living in a small apartment.  It could spell disaster for both dog and human. We want the best for both human and animal, so please work with the counselors to find the right pet for you.
Many people believe that they can take a new pet home immediately; however, to ensure a good match, it typically takes at least several days to process an adoption application.  Be patient!  You and your new pet will have many years together.

Requirements for Adoption

  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • Introducing a new pet to your home should be a decision that involves all members of the family. If you have children living in your home, they should come to the shelter and be a part of the adoption process. We also ask that if you currently have a dog and are adopting a new one, that you bring your current dog with you to the shelter to meet the potential new family member.
  • If you rent, please have written permission from your landlord, or parent if you are living at home
  • Please complete both sides of the adoption form which is available at the shelter, or on our cat and dog web pages, or by emailing    Application approval is not first-come, first-served; we approve applications based on each animal's best interest. Before we place any animal, we check that current or previous pets in the household are current on vaccinations, including rabies and distemper. Many vet clinics require owner's permission to release information about vaccination history, so please call your vet in advance to provide that permission. Our adoption counselors will evaluate the form and will speak with you about your responses.  This process may take a few days.
  • All adoptions need to be approved by one of our adoption counselors. Filling out an application does not guarantee approval; Mansfield Animal Shelter has the right to deny your application.
  • Adoption fees should be paid in full at the time of adoption.
  • We will provide all medical information that is known about the animal. You become responsible for any veterinarian bills once the animal has been adopted.
  • If for any reason you do not keep the adopted animal, you must return the animal to the Mansfield Animal Shelter.
  • You should provide proof that you have spayed or neutered the adopted animal within 60 days of adoption (for animals that are not already spayed or neutered), or at the appropriate age for kittens and puppies. In some cases, if the shelter is unable to spay or neuter the animal before adoption, we can provide you with low cost spay/neutering options, including the Spay Waggin mobile clinic that performs spay/neuter surgery at local Petco stores. Ask your adoption counselor for more information.
  • Dog Adoptions: The adoption process for dog adoptions  takes a little longer. Applicants are asked to come to the shelter for several visits to interact with the dog and see if he is the right fit for their situation. All members of the family, including any current dogs, should come in at some point to meet the shelter dog prior to approval of the application.

Adoption Fees  (Effective 3/1/16)

  • For neutered or spayed animal: $140.00
  • If the animal is not neutered or spayed (usually because it’s too young): 
    $140.00 plus $40.00 neuter/spay deposit which is refundable with proof of neuter/spay.


Mansfield Animal Shelter accepts surrendered dogs and cats only from Mansfield residents. Proof of residency is required.

The Fees

A fee of $20 per pet (dog or cat) is requested; however, no pet will be turned away because of an owner’s inability to pay. If you have current veterinary records for your pet, we request that you bring them with your pet. If your pet is not up to date with vaccinations, and you are able to have your pet vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and combo tested, we would greatly appreciate it.

Additional donations help to offset a portion of the cost of caring for your pet and others. All incoming pets will be vaccinated and spayed or neutered if necessary.

The Process

Please allow enough time to properly relinquish your pet. The admissions process may take 20 minutes. We will request some background information about your pet and ask you to fill out a questionnaire telling us about your pet and his or her time with you. This helps us place your pet in an appropriate home. It would be helpful to the volunteers if you call the shelter before bringing you pet in, so that they can prepare a cage.

Full Fee and Fine Schedule

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