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Braco blk 2019


Barco was surrendered when his owner passed away. Barco is a short-haired, eight year old male. Barco is a friendly and sweet cat with people, but he does not like other cats, and he would need to be the only cat in the home.

Braco is Sponsored
In Memory of Bertie & Bobby.
Cuddlebug b 2019


Cuddlebug is an eight year old, short-haired torti who lives up to her name. She is a very sweet girl, although a little shy. Cuddlebug was surrendered because she and other cats in the home didn’t get along. Cuddlebug is a  gentle, non-aggressive cat who might prefer a rather quiet home.

CuddleBug bed 2019
Cuddle Bug is Sponsored by
Kathy, Chris, Lisa, & Nicholas.


Kasey 2019


Kasey is a six year old, short-haired, spayed female who came to the shelter as a stray. Although we don’t know much about her yet, Kasey seems friendly and easy going.

Kasey is Sponsored by Melissa Burke.
Maze head 2019


Maze is approximately two years old. He’s a short-haired, playful boy. Energetic Maze enjoys swatting  balls around and playing with toys.  Maze is also affectionate and attention seeking, and purrs readily. He would probably prefer a  home where there are no dogs.

Maze bed 2019
Maze is Sponsored by the Cameron Family.
Maze long 2019
Maze b 2019
Mistletoe head 2018


Handsome Mistletoe has been at the shelter too long, but during that time he has mellowed and has become much loved by shelter volunteers. Mistletoe is a neutered male who originally came to the shelter as a stray. He was adopted for half a year, but then returned when his owner’s work schedule required a lot of traveling. Mistletoe has a distinct personality and an independent nature, although he  enjoys human company. Mistletoe is fond of treats, and can sometimes be bribed with them. Mistletoe shares a playroom with Schmookie, and they would be a good pair for someone interested in adopting two cats, but they don’t need to be adopted together.

Mistletoe catstand 2018
Mistletoe is Sponsored by Bonnie & Stuart.
Mistletoe perch 2018
Pepperdine tall 2018


Pepperdine was surrendered because of allergies in her family. She is a ten year old indoor cat who has never lived with other cats or with children. Sometimes Pepperdine likes to be petted, and sometimes she is aloof, but she is hoping that a wonderful cat person will come adopt her and give her loving and patient care for her golden years.

Pepperdine is Sponsored by Lauren

Purrie Sanders floor 2019


Four year old Purrie was surrendered when her owner passed away. She is a friendly cat who enjoys attention: petting, laps, and sleeping in bed with her owner. Purrie does not do well with other cats, but she was OK with a Bernese Mountain dog.

Purrie Sanders 2019
Purrie is Sponsored in Memory of
Mischief, Tigger, and Peanut.


Schmookie head


Schmookie is a very attractive, 13 year old female. Her favorite spot is the perch on top of a cat tree. Schmookie enjoys petting, but she will let you know when she has had enough. She would do best with an experienced cat owner, preferably in a home with no small children. Schmookie shares a playroom with Mistletoe, and they would be a good pair for someone interested in adopting two cats, but they don’t need to be adopted together .

Schmookie cagetop
Schmookie is Sponsored
by Adam & Krissy Rucker
Schmookie cat tree 2019

Shakira and Neo: Bonded Siblings     2 for 1 Adoption Fee

Shakira and Neo were adopted from us as kittens a year ago. They were returned when their owners’ schedule required a lot of traveling. Both are sweet, medium-haired, one year old cats. Shakira is a spayed female, and Neo is a neutered male. They are brother and sister, and are very bonded. They must be adopted together. Neo is shy, and will require a patient owner. Shakira is more relaxed and outgoing. They would do best in a quiet home.

Shakera c 2018

Skakira is Sponsored by the Leemon Family.

Neo a 2019

Neo is Sponsored by Pellet Stove Works.
Shuree 2019


Shuree is a short-haired, spayed female who is about eighteen months old. Although we don’t know much about her yet, she seems friendly and relaxed.

Shuree is Sponsored by
Daphne and Dylan.


Zayden nap 2019


Zander is a super sweet, quiet, gentle, three year old male. He is neutered and up to date with vaccinations. Zander has only one eye, and the vet thinks it results from a congenital defect.

Zander is Sponsored by Patti L.
Zayden 2019
Zayden side 2019
Zion 2019


Zion is a three year old, neutered, long-haired male. He’s a friendly, easy-going boy.

Zion is Sponsored by Trooper and Friends.
Jazzie b
Jazzie a

Private Adoption - Not at the Shelter

Jasmine needs a new home because her owner is moving and can’t take her. Jasmine is up to date with vaccinations, and spayed.

For information, or to meet Jasmine, please email the owner:

Jasmine (Jazzie) is a very good natured, 11 year old, indoor Tonkenese cat. She is in perfect health always, and was never declawed. She is a soft, petite, beautiful, moving piece of art who comes to us in the mornings and evenings for love (scratching under her chin is a favorite, along with petting her when she stretches).  She loves to play with a string on a pole with us. Where can you find her? Jazzie especially likes to be on our lap or a nearby chair, in a patch of sun, on a pillow,  on her heated bed or on our radiant heated bathroom floor! She is litter trained and responds to her name. Like many cats, she is timid but has warmed up to others outside our family. She is okay being smelled by our dog and while she wants no part of being chased, they co- exist nicely all day in the house.  We wish she had another cat to play with too

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