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We love hearing how shelter cats and dogs do in their new homes. If you have a happy ending story you'd like to share about an animal that came from the Mansfield Shelter, please e-mail the story to us at and attach a digital photo if possible.


Niles home 2018

Adopted December 2018

We adopted Niles shortly after Thanksgiving 2018 and we hear you like updates! He has been the best addition to our home. So full of energy and love. He even likes the vet! We wanted to thank you all so much for the care you gave him before he came to his forever home. Here are some pictures of our fur baby...he even learned how to play fetch. Thanks again for adding to our family.
Michelle and Josh Butler

Magnolia home 2018


Adopted May, 2018

Seasons Greetings to all my friends at the Mansfield Shelter,
Remember me?  My name is Magnolia (I'm now called Maggie for short), and I was adopted by my new mommy and daddy, Diane and Bill, last May.  That's me in the photo sitting on mommy's lap in front of the Christmas tree. 
I had a rocky start with all my health problems.  I already had weepy eyes and irritable intestine issues at the shelter, and when mommy and daddy brought me home, they found out I hadn't been spayed, so off to the vet for surgery; then the incision on my belly got infected; and then I got a respiratory infection.  Whew!  Turns out the prednisone I was on was suppressing my immune system, so they weaned me off that, and with lots of TLC and a good diet, my dull coarse fur is now all shiny and my eyes are all healed and my tummy is fine now!  I even gained weight!  The vet is very pleased with my progress!
I'm very happy now!  I love my new house and my kitty brother, Kato.  He only hissed at me twice when I first came here, but we're good friends now.  I love playing with all my toys and sleeping on soft laps and blankets.  Mommy and daddy love to pet my soft fur and give me lots of affection.  There's a nice picture window to look out and watch the birds, and I can even go on the screen porch when the weather is nice.  This summer mommy and daddy took me on vacation to their cottage in Maine, and I even got to catch a flying squirrel in the cottage when it got in through the chimney.  I was ever so proud!
So I just wanted to wish everyone at the shelter a very happy holiday season and to say thanks for helping me get adopted!
Your furr-ever grateful friend, Maggie

Carmella home 2018

Adopted November, 2018

Carmella, who we've taken to calling, "Cammie" is doing great. She is putting some meat on her bones and I have to tell you she has a prodigious appetite. It's good not to see her so skinny. Her coat is nice and shiny and, with all her running around, she's adding muscle and not fat, that's for sure! She loves that she has a big Victorian house that she can explore. She's a great kitty. After running around and playing with all her new toys, she finds the most comfy places to rest like: sunbeams, my office chair and our kingsize bed. We love her
- Eve

Denver home 2018

Adopted November, 2018

Denver is a great fit with our family and was the right cat for us.  He is doing great... the kids love him.. he gets along great with our dog Gracie.

Frankie 2018 home

Adopted April, 2018

I adopted Frankie in April 2018 and he has been a great and lovable little guy! He tried to get away the first week I had him, but he came right back to me when he realized he was off his leash. He loves to snuggle under blankets and very protective of his Papa’s socks. No one, not even me, can try to get that sock if Frankie is in full guard! He is a 10 lb lovable guy and I am very happy to have him as my true buddy. Thank you again Mansfield Shelter Friends for helping me find my furry little friend and my best pal, Frankie.

Jim P

Blue Jasper Toffee Mansfield

Blue Jasper a.k.a. Toffee
Adopted July, 2018

We adopted Blue Jasper (we now call him Toffee) from Mansfield Shelter in July 2018 and we would like to share our happy ending! Toffee is such a sweet boy! Although we spent a lot of time and effort finding the right diet for this guy, it was well worth it. We are so glad to say that he is doing so well! He loves to climb and sleep on his new cat tree, but always comes to greet us with his "Hi!" meow after coming home from work and begs for pets and kisses (and treats!). We are so thankful to Mansfield Shelter for giving us the information and resources for Toffee before and after bringing him home. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, funnier family member!
Jenna & Katrina

Miss Kitty home 2018

Miss Kitty
Adopted November, 2018

She is the best thing in my life. That first night back she jumped into bed with me and settled right down. Her favorite thing is snuggling under my covers next to me, nearly all night! She’s got a hoard of toys and beds plus her own person cat tower, but she prefers the recliner of course! She’s so much more calm and relaxed, and she follows me everywhere. I am SO grateful you took in Miss Kitty and cared for her until we found each other!


Cassie home 2018

Adopted Sept., 2018

Cassie is doing great! She's incredibly affectionate, and is possibly the friendliest cat known to man. She's well taken care of and we love her immensely.

Thanks for checking in,
James & Jason

Pistachio home 2018

Pistachio a.k.a. Lillian
Adopted July, 2018

Lilian has brought so much joy, laughter, and excitement into our home! We are so thankful for the wonderful people at Mansfield Animal Shelter who provide outstanding care to animals and support their transition to a forever home. Lily’s foster moms- Sally & Lori- were kind, devoted, and highly knowledgeable in the care of young kittens. They equipped us with all the information and resources we needed and continued to reach out in support even after we brought Lily home. Lily is energetic, curious, and affectionate—she has settled in so well in our home. She has quite the fan club amongst our friends & family too! We love her so much and can’t thank you all enough for bringing us together.
- Hannah and Tom

Goonie 2018

Goonie a.k.a. Dashiell
Adopted Sept., 2018

Just an update on Dashiell. He has taken over the house. I have bought him a number of scratchers to keep him from the furniture. He adores toys....and plays constantly. Isis is still not convinced that he should be part of the family...but I told her that he's here to stay. They have a truce during meal time.

Goonie had to have an eye removed while in shelter care, but he is the sweetest little guy.


Peaches (and her little “sister.”)
Adopted February, 2018

Peaches is doing great, we love  her to pieces—Thanks for everything!


BabbaLouie home 2018

Babba Louie
Adopted August, 2018

Babba is doing great! We had a wonderful day yesterday and looking forward to all the days to come!


Sir Elton and friend home 2018Sir Elton chair at home 2018

Sir Elton a.k.a. Noki
Adopted March, 2018

Left: Noki relaxing with poodle friend, Ivy.
Right: Noki dressed for a party.

Yuyu home framed 2018

Yuyu a.k.a. Eva
Adopted August, 2018


We LOVE our sweet kitten. We named her Eva. She is adjusting beautifully and especially loves the window sill and her cat tree.
Thank you!

Jen and Jen Griffin

Gwenivere home 2018

Adopted August, 2018

Gwenivere is doing GREAT!! Love her.

 Kay Howard

Sachet 2018 at home

Sachet (aka Sabrina)
Adopted July, 2018

Just to update you about Sabrina .
She is doing great.  She loves the sun porch to look at the birds !

Mocha home 2018

Adopted July, 2018

Mocha relaxing and exulting in her new home, after five months in the shelter.

Kurt and friend 2018

Kurt (cat) and Friend Bella
Adopted July, 2018

I wanted to send you an update on  Kurt (now Bandit). Within minutes of coming home he knew this was his home. He instantly felt comfortable with the environment and the dog, and has been a very social boy to visitors. He sleeps in bed with me and the dog every night and purrs himself to sleep. He couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to our home!  Thank you again so much for trusting Bella and I to give him a loving fur-ever home.
Cassie Schmall


Chip and Dale
Adopted April, 2018

Hi!! We were adopted by the nicest lady!! It took us a while to train her, but she finally got the hang of it! We hid behind the couch so she would give us lots of treats to get us out. She even read to us! We pretended we didn’t want to be petted and loved, but when we let her we found out we really liked it a lot! We are still shy with strangers and don’t like strange sounds, but we love to watch tv! We used to be called Chip and Dale, but a little human called Us Toobie and Tiggy and the names stuck. We don’t mind! Our human even got us a water fountain and a beautiful room with all screens so we can watch outside. Life is good!!

Dewdrop home 2018

Adopted June, 2018

Dewdrop is being treated royally in his new home. His owner says that Dewdrop is a “snuggle bug.”

Tabby home 2018

Adopted May, 2018

Tabby is doing great! He’s very social and affectionate. It’s a pleasure having him around. He’s taking his meds with no issues. Watching him play with the water fountain is hysterical. Tabby’s attached himself to my business partner Sandy. He loves hanging in her office when she comes in.

TC home a 2018

Adopted May, 2018


T.C. Is such a sweet boy! His loving disposition has made it such a treat getting to know him! He’s a little quirky & silly too which makes us love him even more.
When we first got to the shelter  T.C. went right up to my daughter and started head butting her and then rolled over on his back to have my husband rub his belly. He won both of them over right away and so I knew from the start that he was our guy.

T.C. has been adjusting so wonderfully in our home - faster than I’ve ever had a cat feel comfortable so I think he’s happy he’s here. The moment we brought him home he jumped right into his bed and took a snooze after the long ride home. He has really taken to our daughter and she’s over the moon about it! We’re all so happy he’s ours. Everyone at your beautiful shelter was so kind and helpful. One woman even showed my daughter around to meet all the cats. I can’t thank you enough for all your help with this process and for helping us give T.C. his forever home. We’re very grateful!
Thanks again,
Lisa Kennedy

Jasper Lana Home 2018

Jasper and Lana
Adopted April, 2018

Dear Mansfield Animal Shelter,
Thank you for allowing Jasper and me (Lana) to reside at your lovely establishment while we conducted our search for the perfect people to adopt.  Though it has taken a bit of work on our end, and required the above and beyond the call of duty help from Mary at the shelter, we think we finally have our new people properly trained up.  The amenities here are pretty good and the wildlife watching can not be beat!  We have lots of favorite lookouts.  The attached picture  is of one of them.  To everyone who cared for us during our stay at MAS, thank you!!!   Our new humans love us and we are happy to have finally found a forever home.

Lana and Jasper

Logan  Julius

Logan (white)
Adopted April, 2018

Logan and Julius have very different personalities, but have a great rapport. I think they like having the other one around, as they 'check in' often. Mostly, they ignore each other. Occasionally they play, chasing each other around. I don't believe we have seen them do anything like a fight since the first two days. Logan seems so well adjusted.   -Mark


Spenser at home 2018

Adopted March, 2018

He is doing wonderful! We are still learning one another and he’s learning he doesn’t have to eat all the food in his bowl all at once! He can jump really high too.  He’s stolen chicken from the lunches my husband was preparing �� He’s smart and sweet and cuddly!! Thanks for entrusting us with him. He’s already claimed the joint and trained us.

Kiki at home 2018

Adopted December, 2016

We adopted Kiki over a year ago and she has lit up our life. Our house is happier because of her. Her personality is one of a kind, she meows at me all day. I love Her! Thank you again for helping us adopt her.


Aslan home 2018

Aslan a.k.a. Emmy
Adopted March,  2018

Aslan aka Emmy is doing well. She almost slept nonstop for the first few days. She is now spending more time awake mostly watching the birds, squirrels, wild turkeys and, yesterday, a ground hog in our yard. Lucky for us, on her first night with us, she claimed the center cushion on the sectional as her spot. I have since added a soft blanket. Her and Bob have become great couch buddies. It is a process though we see positive progress every day. I firmly believe that we were meant to be her family.Thank you all for the very valuable work you do.

Marissa home 2018

Adopted March, 2018

This is Marissa, now named Maggie, napping in her favorite spot in my home office right in front of the window. If I'm not at home she's sneaky and sleeps in my office chair. She is definitely a Diva as the vet says. She loves people and to be petted and she will sleep in her cat bed at night. She comes when called just like a dog. We love her to death. Thank you to everyone at the shelter. You are all special people.



Adopted February, 2018

Salem in her new home.

Munchie and friend home 2018

Adopted February, 2018

Hi everyone! “Munchie” (calico) is doing fairly well!  She acts like a happy go lucky cat, and continually makes (baby step) advances towards making friends with the resident cat, Kiki.  Kiki (a Siamese mix) has had the harder time adjusting (not too surprising, given her breed), but we are making steady progress, day by day and week by week.  They have gotten sufficiently used to one another enough to both sleep on the bed each night, even if in different spots (which in my experience is common).  Not sure they’ll ever be “buddy-buddies,” but they are each moving in the right direction - and who knows, someday they might be!

Sukie only

Sukie a.k.a. Callie
Adopted February, 2018

Just wanted to write and give you an update on known as Callie.  We were ready to be patient with her but didn't have to wait...she has come out of her shell and made herself right at home. Last night she even jumped into our bed and slept with us.  She is the perfect addition to our family ... and seems to be quite the talker. She's getting her stitches out tomorrow, and we look forward to a long happy life together.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt her and give her a forever home.

Joyce & Chris

Berkley 2 home

Adopted February, 2018

Berkley (orange) is  awesome!  I  just brought him in for a wellness visit before I introduced him to the other cat. They’re all introduced now and doing so well together-I couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our little family! Thank you so much again. -Courtney

Fillipa_Dax 2018

Fillipa a.k.a. Dax
Adopted February, 2018

I just wanted to write and let you know how Filipa (now called Dax) is doing. She is settling in very well, and is really everything we wanted in a cat- playful, smart, friendly, cuddly. She is definitely curious and energetic, but remarkably well-behaved; she even lets us trim her nails without complaint! We are so happy with her and so thankful to  the Mansfield Shelter for bringing her into our lives. I think we will all be very happy together for a long time to come.

Thanks again,
Liz and Meg


Adopted January, 2018

TigTig has adjusted very well to life in her new home! We have had no trouble at all. It’s as if she has always been a member of the family. She loves sleeping in bed with me, playing with her toys, and exploring her new surroundings. She is absolutely wonderful and we are so blessed to have her with us. She is the perfect little companion.
Thank you so much,




Sammie Sunshine
Adopted October, 2017

Relaxing in his new home.

Desi home 2018DesiDesi friend home 2017
Adopted November, 2017

We wanted to update you on how well Daisy (previously known as Desi) is fitting into our household.  Daisy (tan and white) and Stella have turned into a very close knit pack, working together to move dinnertime closer to 4 PM instead of 5, reversing the ban on sleeping on people beds and in general, bringing an extraordinary amount of joy and laughter to our home.  After only two months, she is coexisting with our three cats has learned our routine regarding walks and food and has taken up the cause of barking at delivery trucks.  Finally Stella has someone who sees the merit in this activity!  But seriously, she is much quieter than we expected, “talking” only when she wants to eat, go out or in moments of extreme excitement.  We have learned that we probably should have named her DAIRY based on her love of cheese and all things dairy!  If we had never seen her in the Sun Chronicle, we would have missed out on this amazing dog!  Thank you for the opportunity to adopt her!
-Teresa and Mike Wilson

Peachy  home 2018

Adopted December 2017

Thank you for checking in on Peachy. She is doing well. She is very sweet and friendly and gets along with everyone for the most part. We have renamed her Scout. She is extremely bold and curious (and my kids just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird). Our other cat is still a little stand-offish, so they spend a lot of supervised time sitting and staring at each other. There had been a bit of growling at first. but that has stopped. During the night, Scout sleeps in our daughter's room and they both seem very happy.

Drusilla 2 home 2017

Adopted November 2018

Grace (aka Drusilla) (gray) is doing wonderful as you can see in the photos.  Our orange cat, Charlie, is enjoying her companionship as are we.  Grace settled in nicely and made herself quite at home instantly.  After being one of many cats in the hoarding situation, she is enjoying being a special cat and only sharing space with one other feline.  Grace is full of love and is quite easy going.  Thank you so much for your care and concern in ensuring that these beautiful creatures are released to good, loving homes.


Raggs (a.k.a.Koa)
Adopted November 2017

Just wanted to let you know that our little man is doing very well! He’s adjusted great to his new food and home. He loves frolicking in the snow too.
Here’s a pic of him sleeping on the couch between us. He is such a good boy especially with small kids. He loves playing catch and brings the ball right back. Koa has many great years left in him. All 3 of us are grateful for you taking him in and holding him for us.
      -Deb, Cheryl and Koa



Adopted October, 2017

We're all doing great. Mooch is definitely settling in and feeling more comfortable every day. He loves to play with his many toys & sleeps on the bed with us at night. He's on his way to being very spoiled I'm afraid . We're all crazy about him! Thanks for everything. 


Adopted September, 2017

Hello guys!
Just checking in and giving you guys a status update on Shadow. We have changed her name to Louise. She is a great addition to our family! Her and our older catahoula Harley, are inseparable. They get along and play so well. It's like they were made for each other. The play from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to bed. Louise is a great big ball of love and energy, who keeps all of us, including Harley on our toes. She enjoys walks around town with Harley and Frisco our elderly cocker spaniel. Her weekend adventures include hiking and swimming with her sister. We are working on some much needed obedience and leash training, and she's picking it up very fast! She's such a smart and happy girl.


Hollywood home 2017

Adopted August, 2017

Just to let you all know that Hollywood is really liking her new home.
Although she is four years old she acts like a kitten, chasing her laser toy and feather “birds.” But her favorite is her catnip mouse, that she attacks until she is “EXHAUSTED.” Thank You for the wonder playmate.

Karla Lindberg


Moose and Mischief
Adopted September, 2017

Moose and Mischief are enjoying their new home and getting along nicely with our dog Layla and son Austin. We are so happy to have given them a new home and have them as part of the family!

R. S.



Adopted August, 2017

Winston is doing great!  Love him. He is so sweet and I'm so happy I can call him mine!

- Paula


Coco Malt at home 2017

Coco Malt
Adopted July, 2017

For starters, we now call him Coco Nut. We took him home on Friday, July 21st. He was very chatty and social. On night one he made sure my husband knew there was a new love in my life by sleeping on his pillow. He is such a sweetheart! He loves to snuggle and play and we are enjoying every minute with him! He's a very tolerant cat! Sooo lucky to have him!! He's truly a pleasure and a gift.
Warm Regards,

Ravi and Anjuli
Adopted May 2017

I’m sending you an update on Ravi and Anjuli. I kept Ravi’s name as Spencer and changed Anjuli to Sophie. They are both doing very well. They are funny and wonderful. After trying a lot of different brands, I finally found a high quality, no grain dry and wet food they both like, which is Halo. I had read very good things about this brand. Since they’ve been on Halo their fur has become very soft. Anjuli’s dandruff is gone and her lump is actually shrinking. I don’t know if you remember she had a fatty lump. I’m still working on getting Ravi’s weight down. He does get play exercise every day and I’ve been slowly cutting back his food so he doesn’t lose too much weight too quickly.


Ravi at home
Anjuli at home
Nidge home 2017

Adopted July 2017

I changed Nidge's name to Lu Lu and she is doing absolutely wonderful!  She has adapted very nicely.  I have a kitty house,  several beds, but she prefers to sleep in our bedroom (under the covers!) and plenty of toys.   Purrs as soon as you touch her.  Too darn cute.  A real love bug for sure.  Sleeps on my lap at dinner time.  She is so active its tough to get a picture of her  She doesn't like to be held for too long, but my husband and I are working on that.  -Kathleen

Big Boy home 2017

Big Boy
Adopted May 2017

Best Cat in the whole wide WORLD!!! LOVE HIM



Mamacia at home 2017


Adopted July, 2017

Lucee (left), aka Mammacia, loves her new home and brother Finn


Dana and friend 2017Dana (more white on face)
Adopted March, 2017

Hello Everyone at the Mansfield Animal Shelter!
We wanted to send an update about our sweet Dana! When we first saw Dana, we all knew that she just HAD to be part of our family. We followed her story to the Mansfield Animal Shelter because we just absolutely needed to meet her! We were finally able to adopt this amazing little girl in March of 2017 and could not be happier! Although her past was not the prettiest, we try every day to make sure that her future is full of happiness and wonder. Dana has settled in well in our home. She Dana swimming hole 2017loves her big brother, Ralphie, and is always super excited to explore and play in our 5 acre yard with him. We have discovered that she LOVES to swim and run. This combination always ends up with her completely covered in mud! She is so smart too! We have been doing some training with a dog trainer and she is able to pick up any new concept thrown at her in the shortest amount of time. Dana is beyond loving and affectionate. When it is time to go to bed, she loves nothing more than for you to pull the blankets up so she can crawl into bed and cuddle close. But don’t let her snore in your ear because you will never be able to get any sleep! Dana also loves her a good squeaky toy! If it doesn’t squeak loud and proud, then it is not the toy for her! We have discovered that Dana seems to be younger then we all originally thought! Her puppy-like nature just adds to her spit-fire spirit.
We are ever grateful for everything that the Mansfield Animal Shelter has done for our Dana. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make Dana a part of our family.
-          Nadine, Will, Ralphie & Dana


Adopted April, 2017

When we first met Collette, she was a bit over agressive. The moment we brought her home, she became a whole new cat and adjusted instantly. She still has a sassy attitude sometimes, so we renamed her Missy. Missy loves to play with her toys, take naps with us, watch us cook, watch TV, hang in her cat tree or at the window, and also loves to keep us company when we shower or freshen up in the bathroom (haha). We are very happy to have her in our family.
Thank you,
Tabetha, Kevin, & Missy

Rylee aka LunaRylee
Adopted June, 2015

Hi Mansfield Animal Shelter,
I wanted to send a quick update on Luna (formally known as Rylee). My parents and I adopted her in June 2015 after seeing her Pet of the Week photo in the paper. She quickly became very attached to me, and decided that I was her number one human. On her adoption form there was a question that said, 'If you move, will you take your pet?'. Well, I can say I lived up to that promise because Luna is currently living with me and my husband in London! She has adjusted really well, and is quite comfortable here. Luna loves sitting out on the balcony, watching the birds and squirrels run by. She also loves cuddling, eating fancy European cat food, and looking out our big windows. I wanted to thank you for giving me the sweetest and most wonderful pet. Luna had a really tough first half of her life, but now she lives like a queen!

Julie Miller




Suzy Q. a.k.a. Pebbles
Adopted Dec., 2016

We have changed Suzy Q's name to Pebbles and she is fitting in nicely with our family. She has just finished her 1st obedience training classes and did quite well. She can be stubborn and have a mind of her own but she is cute and lovable and that makes up for it. She is such a wonderful and cuddly dog. Thank you for the opportunity to have her in our lives. We are enjoying each day.
Joanne St. Pierre



Adopted March, 2017

I just wanted to let everyone know that Blue has been a great addition to our family. He has been adjusting well, and as he gets comfortable, he gets a little more mischievous. He has met many of our friends and neighbors and shows them lots of love, endearing himself to all. He is a snorer, so now I have two in the house. Thank you everyone for taking such good care of him for us. We are learning more about his personality everyday anytime you want an update just let me know.
Amy Tarlton


MsBaley 2017

Ms. Baley
Adopted August, 2016

Ms. Baley was adopted in August 2016 and has done nothing but bring smiles to our home. She’s the sweetest girl, loves everyone, and can typically be found nudging your hand or pawing at you for some petting. She may be a bit old and stiff, but some days she’s there first before the 7 year old in the background to greet whoever is at the door. Thank you Mansfield Shelter for the wonderful work you do for pets in need. Your staff was top notch, your dedication to ensuring pets are healthy and going to good loving homes is paramount. Ms. Baley is as happy as could be in her new home.



Adopted June, 2016

Dear Mansfield Animal Shelter,
We adopted Nya about 6 months ago and we are so happy you chose us to take this princess home! She loves to play with her squeaky toys and go for walks around town. She is a playful girl full of energy who loves lots and lots and LOTS of attention. We are so grateful to have her be a member of our family.
Thank you again,
The Harris Family



Adopted Feb. 2016

Sabrie is doing great! We actually changed her name to Kaiya. (AKA, Kitty Kai.) She loves checking out the space over our kitchen cabinets and hanging out up there. When she's done with her lookout post, she likes sit on our lap or play a laser chase game with my daughter. We really enjoy her and we're glad we were able to get her!
-Mikaelyn & Maddy

Adopted March, 2016

Hello Mansfield Animal Shelter volunteers,

I fell in love with Marshmallow the moment I saw her at the shelter. She has big blue eyes, a beautiful calico coat, and a chunky tummy! She is the most loving and gentle cat I’ve ever met. She always wants to be by my side to cuddle or play and has never bit or scratched any of my visitors. If she wants your attention she'll gently tap your arm with her paw.
She enjoys playing fetch, sleeping under the covers (and snoring), having her belly rubbed, and eating. She is endearing company and I enjoy coming home to her everyday and introducing her to friends and family.
Thank you so much for taking care of her while she was at the shelter!
Micaela Allen


Mew at home 2016Mew
Adopted December, 2015

Dear Mansfield Animal Shelter,

I wanted to let you know that Mew has been the most amazing gift we could have ever asked for. When we adopted her, she was so shy and barely came out of her various hiding spots. Now, she is the most loving cat who LOVES to play with her toys (her favorite is ping pong balls). She absolutely loves to snuggle and loves to have her head and belly rubbed. She is so loved and so happy now...thank you for taking such good care of her.

Katie, Chris, and Mew


Adopted Oct. 2015

Jasper is cute, smart, affectionate, friendly and a wonderful cat. I love him and I am so very thankful to have him in my life. He puts a smile on my face every day. He is curious and loves to play hide and seek. He is very good at hiding under pillows, blankets, the couch, between the 2 shower curtains, etc. He is a sweet boy. Thank-you so much for allowing me to adopt him. He adds so much happiness to my life.
Carol Massey


SmokeyJoe2016atHomeSmokey Joe
Adopted Sept 2015

Greetings Mansfield Shelter Volunteers!
Hard to believe that its been 6 months since these Carlson people adopted me. They are ok as people go. They feed me my special food, dont make me "cuddle" too much and have bought me some super cool toys. I have attached pictures of my my indoor tree/lounge as well as my favorite spot on the couch. Just last week they let me explore a new "catio" they have built which will allow me to get some fresh air and watch the chipmunks while still containing my bad habit of trying to escape through any open door. Thanks so much for letting me come home with these Carlson People

Smokey Joe
PS. They call me "Merlin" and sometimes I actually respond to it.


Adopted May, 2015

I wanted to write and let you know how Saffron is doing now that he is settling in at home. Things are going wonderfully, and he’s already become a very loving kitty. He started coming out right on the very first day, and he’s been out and about ever since. About a week ago, he started coming up onto the bed for petting, which he’s since done every night. Most nights he also sleeps on the bed for at least part of the night. He always comes right over to me anytime I ask him if he’d like petting no matter where I am in the apartment. On Sunday, he even got up onto my easy chair with me! I’d truthfully expected him to need much longer to warm up, but he has really attached himself to me, which just fills my heart with joy.
- Elizabeth



Adopted Sept. 2014 (Bristol on left, Bandit on right)

When Bristol arrived at the shelter she was suffering from heartworm, and she was so thin that her bones were showing. After gaining weight and going through heartworm treatment, Bristol found a wonderful “forever” home, which she shares with her new canine companion, Bandit.



Chuck_home_2014Chuck a.k.a. Charlie
Adopted 6/2014

Hi everyone,
Charlie is doing great and has totally adjusted to his new home with me. He is so incredibly sweet and lovable, and I am thrilled to welcome him. Thank you to all for being so supportive! I've attached a few photos to show you how well he is doing!

Thanks again,
Nancy and Charlie



Hobbs is absolutely wonderful. He took practically no time to adjust and was eating within hours of getting home. He absolutely loves cuddling and attention, and has even fallen asleep in my arms a few times while I've been holding him. He also really seems to enjoy plopping down for naps or to be petted on my laptop while I'm working - which has been incredibly adorable. I am so thankful that you let me adopt him! Hobbs is by far the sweetest, and he is also potentially the smartest cat that I've ever met. He responds to his name, and interestingly enough, he knows that water comes from the bathtub faucet, which is where he goes and yells when he wants water (even though he has other water readily available). I'm guessing this is a habit from one of his other homes. He also seems to love napping and playing in small spaces. As soon as I open a moving box or a drawer, he suddenly appears in it, even if he had been in another room. Honestly, he is so active and cuddly that I would have guessed that he was a kitten if I didn't know that he was 9. I look forward to many years with him! Thank you so much!


Atlanta aka Rivers 2014_1Atlanta a.k.a. River (brindle)
Adopted 4/2014

Known as Atlanta while at the shelter, this beautiful dog was treated for heartworm before being adopted into a loving, forever home.

River is fitting in just fine. She has her routine with Cooper down pat, and loves to go on walks with us. She's slowly getting used to all the downtown noises. That tail of hers wags non-stop when the whole family is around. She is my sweetie-girl and spoiled already.

The Stroups


Dewey and Dexter Dewey_Dexter_sinkathome
Adopted 3/2014

Life with the boys has been a wonderful adventure. They are such mischievous love bugs. They love to snuggle and get into everything. Every day I find out more about their awesome personalities. Here are some pictures: life is rough as a cat ! - Laura

Willa_Tucker at homeWilla

Willa (gray tabby) is charming and VERY smart. She figured out what games Tucker liked (our big, fluffy 6 year old), and which ones were too ‘forward’ for him. They are getting along very well. What a great addition to our lives! Thank you for all you do.



Capellini was dropped off out front at Mansfield Animal Shelter with her mother cat and 5 litter mates. She was not even 2lbs. She is a perfect baby girl. She lives with her new family: a mother and father and two children, a 3.5 yr old boy and a 8 month old baby boy. She is a princess in a house of boys and has really bonded with the family as the photo will show you.


Charlie_microchipped_ owners2013

Let Me Tell You the Story
Of a Cat Named Charlie
On That Happy and Fateful Day . . .

Unlike Charlie on the MTA, who never returned, this Charlie did return. After escaping from his owners’ home in Brookline, he managed to travel as far as Foxboro where he was picked up by the Animal Control Officer. Thanks to his owners’ foresight in microchipping this opportunist, Charlie was returned to his family, where we hope he will stay indoors!



Adopted April 2013

We can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt Jay. He exceeds our expectations! He had no problems settling in. He immediately bonded with all four of us. He has found his favorite spots to nap, sun himself and just be lazy. He does love his new cat tree but likes the collapsible mesh tunnel better. He enjoys sneaking through the tunnel to get to his toy at the other end. Or just bat at his toys through the mesh. He also lets us know if he has been left to himself long enough with his little meows. The covered litter box is working out great. No issues. He also has no problem with having his tail touched now. He has brought much joy to our household!! I could go on for hours about Jay. Every day is a new delight with Jay. Thanks again,

Nancy Moxley


Dante_Chase eyes home

Dante a.k.a. ChaseDante_Chase toy home 2013

Chase is doing well. He seems happy, eats and drinks normally and purrs all the time! My other cat still hisses and swats at him but it's getting better. I think Chase might just be a mellow kitty. He's like a dog and follows me from room to room and sleeps on my pillow at night. He is very friendly and we just love him!



kumar at home window


KumarKumar at home on back

I absolutely adore Kumar. He has made such a tremendous difference in my life. We understand each other completely, and love each other unconditionally. We enjoy our time together very much, and when I am apart from him, even for an hour, I miss him, and worry about him. Apparently, he feels the same, as he is in the front window, watching for me to arrive home.
God sent Kumar to me, and I to him. He is my little "Diva Love". I feel grateful every day for having the opportunity to share my life with Kumar.
Thanks for everything. Love and Merry Christmas.

Sandy and Kumar

Adopted March, 2013

When Ulysses arrived at the shelter he was suffering from an eye injury that required surgery to remove the eye, followed by recuperation in foster care with a volunteer. Ulysses has made a wonderful recovery!
Ulysses is doing great! I have renamed him Tobey, which suits him, and he is learning his name. He has been introduced to my resident cat, Belle, and so far they are getting along nicely; they chase each other around the apartment. Tobey is still a bit skittish at times, but if you get down to his level, he comes over to you for petting. He's eating really good, sometimes too good, as he is eating the other cat's food when he shouldn't.
Tobey is a really great cat, very loveable & cuddly at night. Thank you so much for letting me adopt him! I feel that he is going to be a great fit here and he has the approval of Miss Belle, which is exactly what I was hoping for.Thank you again,



Adopted 7/13/13


Little Squeak is doing wonderful! We decided to change her name to Meela. She has adjusted well and gets along with Simba very well. She went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. She is almost 4 pounds already! We couldn't be any happier with our decision and would like to thank you and the staff at the shelter for all of your help.

Andrew and Amy


Pepper after surgery bPepper’s New Life

In the October newsletter we ran a story about Pepper, the shelter cat who required surgery to remove his left eye, which was abscessed. This was an expensive procedure, but Pepper is a wonderful cat, and Mansfield Shelter Friends believed the expense was worth saving his life. After his initial misfortune, Pepper had some very good things happen. Lauren Rosalanko, a former shelter volunteer who is now attending college, and her family, made a generous donation that more than covered Pepper's veterinary expenses. This was a huge help to M.S.F. in their efforts to provide good medical care for shelter animals. At the end of October Pepper was adopted by a wonderful couple whose last cat recently died at the age of 21. Mansfield Shelter Friends is very grateful to the Rosalanko family, and to all donors who enable M.S.F. to provide veterinary care to shelter animals

Below is a letter from Pepper:

Just thought I would let you know how things are going. I do miss you but life is pretty good here. I spend a lot of time on Judy's desk and she doesn't seem to mind. From here I can see the birds in the trees as well as on the ground and you should see all the squirrels. Big fat ones with big bushy tails. At night I get to sleep in a big soft bed and they say I am a real bed hog. They will soon find out who is boss around here. One day, when they were out I decided to find out what was in the trash basket and it spilled. When they came home I cleared out of the kitchen fast. The next time they went out, the trash was closed up in a plastic bag. Spoiled all the fun. Anyway, I do miss you and all the good times we had. All in all, life is really pretty good here.

Write soon, Love Pepper

Atticus at home 2Atticus (aka Jesse James)

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to give you the update on Atticus (now known as Jesse James). I adopted Jesse at the end of July. On the ride home Jesse purred away like he knew he was going to his own home. It was so cute. We got to the house and I put him in my bedroom where all his new toys awaited him. Jesse jumped onto my bed and made himself right at home and loved all his new things! He loves catching bugs that get into the house. He starts jumping, running and crying when he hunts them down for us and that's about every night of the week. Other then that I love having him around and have to say it was the best choice I have made. Thanks again for letting me bring him home to his new family. - Kerri


Cessna_at homeCessna a.k.a. Cassie

Note: Cessna was found at the Mansfield Airport on a bitter winter day. She was dehydrated, and suffering from frostbite. Cessna's fortunes sure turned around when Kathleen and Ralph came along.

On June 4th of this year, we adopted Cessna (now called Cassie). We wanted to let you know what a great success it has been! From the very first day, Cassie strolled around our home as if she had always been here. She is very friendly, following us around, and demanding regular chin scratching! In fact, if you stop scratching her too quickly, she'll whack your leg with her paw indicating she isn't done yet, even if you are! She greets family members and strangers alike as they enter the house. On her first night here, she picked out her own bed on an afghan under one of our night stands. She's slept there ever since. (I guess we need to get a new afghan!) She is very patient in the morning waiting for her breakfast. If we sleep in a little, she never complains. One of her favorite spots is sitting at the open front door watching the world go by or relaxing in the morning sun. She also enjoys our screened porch, where she basks in the afternoon sun while watching the birds and chipmunks at our many feeders. Thank you so much for letting us adopt her! She is a lot of company and a welcome addition to our family!
Kathleen & Ralph Dunlea

Chiia home 3Chiia

Chiia (a.k.a. Chuck) is a very special cat who was a favorite with shelter volunteers during almost a full year while he was at the shelter. None of us could understand why this beautiful cat with a wonderful personality wasn't adopted quickly. True, he was FIV positive, but he was a healthy, young boy, as the photos show. Finally, he got the loving home he deserves!
Hello Animal Shelter Folks,
As you can see Chia has his toys and does amuse himself. He isn't much of a lap cat and in fact will barely even go on the sofa. He does sleep on the bed but stays at my feet until it's time for him to wake me up. He is always glad to see me when I come home from work and will sometimes even great me with one of his toys in his mouth.
Keep up the great work. - David


Beckett at home

Hi! We adopted Mr. Beckett last Sept. Here he is getting ready for bed.
Jen Monty



Mickey is doing awesome! The first week and a half or so, it was a tough adjustment with him and our other cat Beckett, now though, they are buddies. Mickey has chunked up, he is quite a piggy. He is such a sweet boy. He is definitely "my"cat . My husband calls him my scarf because he spends all his time as close to my face as possible. He is also quite the purrer. He's so loud.
Thanks, Jen

Ashes _ new homeAshes (aka Libby)

Hi all at Mansfield Animal Shelter,

Here is a picture of Libby (formally Ashes, on right) and Amy on the top of Mt Moosilauke in NH. Libby is very happy and has adjusted nicely to our house. She seems to like her new name and it suites her cute face! Libby enjoys cuddling on the couch with us and leaping off our deck after tennis balls. She is very sweet with our cats and gives them all the space they need. Libby was a little timid and nervous at first while she was getting use to our schedule but seems to enjoy daily life in the Mills house and is very relaxed and content.Thanks so much for letting us bring her home!
Take Care,

 Melissa, Stephen and Zach Mills


Drake at homeDrake

Drake is just begging. But the kids know better. She was caught red handed. She has definitely made herself at home, and is happy as can be.

Shannon Stallworth


Sambuca at home 2Sambuca (aka Wookie)

Wookie (on left) is awesome!! Once she came to our home, she acted liked she had always been there. The transition was seamless. She is a bundle of fluffy energy and gets along phenomenally with our other Maine Coon, Chuck. They balance each other out so well as she brings out the playful side of Chuck (who's 18 years old) and he reminds her when its "chill time". Wookie loves to be a part of everything and is constantly by our side, in our bed or greeting us at the door when we come home from work. Our Christmas tree just went up so Wookie's "cat toy" selection has grown tremendously. I would consider this a true adoption success story and Chris and I look forward to years of pure joy with her as a part of our family!!
Thank you again for all of your help!
Cara & Chris Slattery

Buttercup at home 2011Buttercup

We just wanted to let you know what an absolute joy Buttercup has been from the moment we adopted him. We decided to rename him Butterscotch, instead of Buttercup, because people kept thinking he was a girl. That won’t happen now, as we usually call him “Mr. Scotch.” We had a nearly two hour long ride home in the car, and he never cried or made a fuss. When we finally got home, he was quite ready to get out of the cat carrier, and immediately set about exploring our house. Mr. Scotch has been extremely affectionate from the first day, and particularly likes sitting in our laps whenever we sit down. Of course, he’s just as happy to sleep in the armchair by himself! He’s found quite a few favorite napping spots around the house, but his favorite at any given time is usually wherever we are. He’s also decided that we can and should share a sizeable portion of the bed with him at night. I’ll admit, it was a startling experience the first time I woke up with his fuzzy mug about an inch away from my face! He is certainly a beautiful and wonderful cat, and we love having him here, and he loves being with us. Thank you for the great adoption experience.

Keith Ross

Mozart at home sleeping 2012Mozart

Hi Everyone at Mansfield Animal Shelter,

Thank you for all the good you all are doing for these wonderful animals and helping them find happy homes. From the second I set eyes on Mozart, there was a connection. He seemed to take to us immediately and we knew he belonged with us. Within the first half hour of being home with us, he was so comfortable, it appeared he had been part of our family all his life. Mozart has such a sparkling personality, is very playful, happy, fearless and has made our home his castle and he is the king. We could never imagine so much love could be felt for a little 11 pound furry baby. Thank you so much for filling our hearts with unimaginable love and joy. Thank you for giving us Mozart.

Reno 07 bReno

I just wanted to send you an email update on Lennox (okay, your Reno!).You stated “Reno is a very good natured dog, but because he is still young, very strong and lacks training, needs someone who can spend time with him and teach him the things he needs to know. I think he'll make a great companion for someone once he's learned who's in charge and he's an absolutely gorgeous dog.” You were 110% correct!!! He has calmed down from his penned up kennel energy, started his training, and doing great! He is indeed a wonderful, good natured and loving companion. More importantly he has learned that I’m the “alpha dog!” He just needs to constantly be reminded who is in charge! He will surrender and submit real soon, I’m sure of this. They all do. They find out real soon that they have the “best mommy in the whole world” as long as they follow the rules and behave. Oh, and that after this they get graduated to sleeping in the bed with mommy. (He’s not quite there yet!) Thanks so much for all the good work you do with these animals that have found themselves, for whatever the reason, in such an unfortunate place.


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